Boys Varsity Volleyball loses to league contender to Beckman 3-1


Alhassan Hussein (Jr.), Jack Wirth (Jr.) and Gene Park (Jr.) prepare to block a serve 

Staff Writer
Boys Varsity Volleyball lost to Beckman with a score of 3-1 on Tuesday, March 18. Beckman is not an easy opponent to the boys, as they were the PCL champion from the previous year.
Initially, the team struggled to coordinate well in both attack and defense, due to  lack of communication. UHS showed a sign of life at the end of the game when the score was 8-24. UHS was able to gain five points back until Beckman finally capped it with a score of 13 to 25.
During the second game, the Trojans continued to show the strength they gained back during the first game by leading the game.UHS was  able to coordinate their attacks well, and often with Aiden Wolf-Nielsen (Jr.) or Alhasan Hussein (Jr.) scoring with a final spike. However, Beckman was able to catch up, keeping the score difference by one point until both teams reached 20. Beckman ended to be on top of the Trojans, ending the second set with a score of 22-25.
The Trojans were able to win the third game, but not without a hard fight. The set had a similar start as the second set. UHS started out strong, but Beckman caught up until the score was at 20-24. UHS scored 4 more points tying the score at 24-24, leading the score to be over 25 to win my 2. UHS eventually won the set with a score of 27-25.
The Trojans stayed strong in the fourth set, despite the tense game. During this set, Wolf-Nielsen, Sam Kammerman (So.), Steven Du (Sr.), and Hussein were able to keep the scores up by blocking many of the attacks. Andrew Nguyen (Sr.) along with Gene Park (Jr.) made many saves from unexpected balls. The Trojans fought hard, but unfortunately lost to Beckman with a score of 22-25.
“Beckman is a strong team. The are the top team in the league, and we never thought of taking a set off from them,” Nguyen said. “We could have took the 4th set off from them, or possibly win the entire game. We will practice more and defeat them next time.”
The boys will be facing Corona del Mar in their next home game on April 25.