The First Comedy Sportz Match of the Year

Staff Writer

University High School’s Comedy Sportz team took the stage for their very first match of the year, performing a sold-out show.

This year’s captains, Ellena Eshraghi (Sr.) and Amina Khelif (Sr.), were introduced as both teams emerged on stage. “The best part of Comedy Sportz is being able to create something in the moment that’s special and different every time on stage with my teammates,” Khelif said. Amina and Ellena have been on Comedy Sportz together since their freshman year. “I have been watching Comedy Sportz ever since I was a fourth grader and always dreamed of one-day being on the team and maybe one-day being captain,” said Eshraghi.

The members prepared to perform their first show after a summer-long break. “It was nerve-racking to try and get back in the groove of things, but once I stepped on stage with my team, it didn’t feel so overwhelming,” said Kian Akhavan (Jr.). Akhavan’s teammate Douglas Sun (Jr.) is into his third year on the team. “It’s exciting. Especially the first match, since it’s the first time many of the freshmen will see Comedy Sportz,” said Sun

One particular game, featured in the first half of the match called, “Interrogation,” was played by Amina’s team. The game consisted of two members being accused of a crime and the other two members trying to get them to confess specific acts and words.”It was something new and unexpected. The players did a great job.” said Kristina Yan (Fr.). Amina and Charlie Feuerborn (Jr.) successfully guessed all the right words chosen by the audience.

During the second half of the match, Sun took the stage playing the game, “DVD,” with Eshraghi. The objective of DVD was to improvise an important event that never happened in the movie. Their team, therefore, improvised a scene in which the Titanic did not hit the iceberg. “I thought it was really cool watching the performers freestyle while trying to make people laugh,” said Bi Tran (Soph.).

The commitment of being on the Comedy Sportz team throughout high school has influenced Eshraghi.  “It is the best decision you can make in high school. The skills and friendships you make through improv will last you a lifetime,” said Ellena Eshraghi (Sr.).

The audience members are engaged giving suggestions and responding to the games, allowing the Comedy Sportz players to act given the mood of the audience. “I’ve always had an appreciation for theater, but seeing so many talented actors/actresses improvise on stage never ceased to amaze me,” said Clare Jun (Soph.).