Internet networking system gets revamped


An IUSD maintenance crew continues to rewire the school’s network system outside of Computer Lab 515. (M. Chinn)

A maintenance crew continues to rewire the school’s network system outside of Computer Lab 515. (M. Chinn)

Staff Writer 
The Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) has been working on a district-wide project in which the school’s networking system is being rewired. The objective of this project is to give classrooms the ability to  use chromebooks and cellphones for educational purposes more often and at the same time.   
Dr. Kevin Astor (Admin.) said that there are several things being changed like “getting more devices on network at the same time, getting more data back and forth, and having better wireless coverage across the board.”
“Currently the network at school has not been the best,”  Mariah Grady (Jr.) said.  “It’s not really good. Whenever I’m in the thousands [building], I am not able to open any browsers.”
By rewiring the system and putting the benefits stated by Astor into effect, students will be able to more effectively use technology.  Once the system has been rewired, the school will be able to access more devices at the same time.
“With the old system, there were a lot of places around campus where more than forty chromebooks could not be accessed at the same time,”  Astor said.
However, there are concerns of students abusing the system.
“Is there potential to abuse most things? Sure there is that potential, but we still have the same safeguards we have now,” Astor said.  
The time that it will take for the rewiring to be completed is unknown;  however it is estimated that the project should be done within a couple of months.
Students are eager for the project to be completed and the networking system to further advance.  
“I’m excited to be able to use my phone for studying in between classes or during lunch knowing there won’t be an issue with the network,” Anushka Bhatnagar (So.) said.