Coco Yang: Golf Star

Coco Yang (So.) is one of the most promising players on Varsity Golf. (V. Tian)

Staff Writer
“When I was younger, my parents took me to a golf course and I think that’s when I started to become interested in golf,” Coco Yang (So.) said. “I started playing when I was seven.”
After moving to America from China in middle school, she continued to play. In high school, Yang joined the girls golf team and continued to be a success.
“Coco’s a really good player. She’s still young but she’s very advanced,” Coach Kevin Kasper (Science Dept.) said. “She has so much experience and knowledge of how to play golf. She plays year round and in tournaments all the time on her own.”
Yang works hard and practices for about three hours a day. “I play a lot of tournaments outside of school and I’m really trying hard to get a better rank in America,” Yang said. Her current ranking in the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) is 250 in the nation, for players under 18.
To her teammates, Yang is very inspiring. “She’s very focused and hardworking,” fellow teammate Samantha Cabunag (Sr.) said. “After a bad shot or a bad hole, she stays positive and moves on and I admire that.”
Yang hopes to continue playing golf in the future. “I plan to go to college first… but professional golf seems like a good way to go,” she said. “Professional golf is a way to relax. Golf is a sport where you can really take a breath and enjoy your time in nature.”