October Artist of the Month: May-Lynn Le


May-Lynn Le (Sr.) is the Executive Director of Univision (Suhani Dalal)

Staff Writer

For the month of September, Mrs. Kessler selected May-Lynn Le (Jr.) to be the Artist of the Month. May-Lynn contributes to the editing, shooting and ideas behind the Univision episodes played during homeroom. “She is always interested in doing the right thing and is one you can count on, which is why her peers choose her to be the Executive Director of The Univision crew,” said Mrs. Kessler (Univision teacher).

May-Lynn Le shares her opinions about her time on Univision. “No matter how many times I’ve seen the episode or the segment I made, it always holds a different meaning when I’m sitting with all of my peers and seeing their reaction to the episode,” said Le.

May-Lynn has been an eager part of the Univision crew since she was a freshman. “I’ve always dreamed about being part of a team, and I’m ecstatic that I found the place on campus where I feel like I truly belong,” said Le.

May-Lynn’s experiences with the Univision crew play a significant role into her involvement at UHS. “Even when I’m having a bad day and I’m feeling super down, when I step into room 412 I’m instantly in a good mood because it’s an environment where we can just be real with each other,” said Le.

Her peers and friends comment on her great influence on Univision. “She has a very optimistic attitude and expresses her eagerness to work with the new members,” said Mia Escaip (Jr.). “ She always gives 110% into what she does: both in and out of the studio,” said Isabelle Chow (Sr.).

May Lynn comments that her mentors and the past Univision crew have impacted her beyond being a leader in Univision, as they have inspired her on a personal level. “I can’t talk about Univision without talking about Mrs. Kessler. She really makes the class special and has definitely changed my life because the way she sees the world and how her mind works is absolutely crazy,” said Le.

May-Lynn also expresses how past Univision members impacted her life and high school experience. “Kiana Ghamari would always tell me to believe in myself more, and to stand my ground if I believe in something, not just for Univision but for anything,” said Le. May-Lynn also remarks her time with Bethany Huang. “She was my partner in crime who pushed me creatively and encouraged me to think differently,” said Le.

“May-Lynn is talented, creative and skilled. I am so lucky to have her as part of my team,” said Kessler.