More changes to the new parking structure


new parking image
Nineteen faculty parking spaces will potentially be moved from the front of the 200s building to the student parking zones located in front of the gym and the back of the school. (Courtesy of Kris Kough/Satellite Image courtesy of Google Maps)

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19 student and faculty parking spaces will potentially be reallocated on campus after the initial repaving of the parking zones this past summer.
This proposal came about as a result of faculty input and requests regarding the new parking structure.
“We think that traffic has improved from last year to today,” Assistant Principal Kris Kough (Admin.) said.
“We have more people out there directing traffic and the new system allows for much freer movement.”
Though the parking zones on campus have been restructured, the administration will make changes to accommodate for parking demands.
“We are assessing right now where we can make improvements [in the parking lot],” Kough said. “This is not the final solution. There will never be a final solution because the parking demands change.”
“We are a student body that has outgrown this campus, regardless of what we do there is going to be congestion.”
Students have various opinions on the new parking structure.
“I think the changes have been really positive for teachers,” Morgan Krogmann (Jr.) said.
“I think that since they are the basis of the school it’s good that they have convenient parking, but I think it was nicer and more accessible when students had covered parking.”
“People need to know basic driving rules before our traffic is going to get any better,” Kendall Godby (Jr.) said. “I see parents and students who can not drive and do not understand the concept of [a] zipper (where two lanes of cars meet and merge into one lane).”
According to Kough, about 200 parking permits were sold this semester; however this number varies depending on the time of the semester and school year.
The parking lot was restriped this past summer as a result of concerns regarding student safety on campus.
The restriping of the parking lot cost both the school and Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) a total of $4,000.
The junior lot was moved to the front of the gym, while the teachers’ main lot was placed directly in front of the 200s building under the solar panels.
54 staff spots were added near the 900 and 1000 buildings, while 63 new student spots were added on campus.