Fashion at UHS 1: Back to School


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From wiggly eyebrows to flowy culottes, it can be hard to navigate through all the latest trends and find a look that‘s still you. Many students at University High School took the opportunity during the summer to revamp their wardrobe, while still being themselves.
“Just because everyone else is wearing something doesn’t mean you have to,” Kareem Farran (Sr.) said.
“You can follow trends, but make sure you have your own personality.”
With his flaming hot vans, Farran’s outfit is on fire.  He is wearing a black t-shirt, grey pants from Hollister, and some hightops from Vans, with flames on them.

“Just to give a lil kick, a lil seasoning,” he said. He had some fashion advice as well. 
“One fashion tip I always say is don’t wear brown and black in the same outfit. It’s wrong. It’s a sin.” Back to school shopping also comes with its fair share of fashion dilemmas.
“I was kind of stressed because I wanted to enter senior year with, like, glam…I don’t think I succeeded though!” he said, “My aesthetic is trash, but trash that looks good.”
It’s not just the clothes, but the accessories can be a really important part of an outfit.
“I try to go outside the box. I like wearing rings, there’s not a lot of people who do that,” Dylan Altman (Sr.) said. 
“I collect watches, I have like five or six right now.” 

His outfits consists of his Damn tour t-shirt, which is Kendrick Lamar merch, some blue jeans from Pacsun, and triple white ultra boosts, which were super popular at one time. Now not so much, but there still his favorites. His rings, and a quartz watch had a big impact on his style. Although they are not flashy and loud, their simplicity elevates the look to something more refined.

He had some fashion tips for students as well.
“Thrift shops. Don’t hate on them! You can get some really cool stuff,” he said.   
“Also, black is is good color, it’s easier to match things with.” 
He wasn’t the only student with this opinion.
“I like black. It’s simple and sleek and minimal,” Sasha Dickinson (Sr.) said.  She also is a fan of fall colors, like mustard and “dark burgundy purple-ly colors.” Like autumn leaves, this girl is blowing students away with her fall aesthetic.

“I have this dress from Urban Outfitters. It’s off the shoulder and really flowy.  And I have layered gold jewelry,” she said. “And I’ve been wearing gold a lot, so I just painted my nails gold.”
Dickinson has an eye for details and accessorizing. The simplicity of the necklaces lets the busy print of the dress be the focal point of her look, and complements her blonde hair nicely. 

“I like jewelry a lot. It can really spice up an outfit. I think shoes and purses can be really good statement pieces, and really make an outfit,” she advised.
“I started this year recently wearing a lot of gold, because it works with my blonde hair.”
This golden goddess isn’t always wearing fall fashion, though.
“My style varies a lot. Like, one day I’ll be wearing all black, and then other days, I want a 70s kind of vibe or a witchy kind of vibe.”
Maintaining all those aesthetics are hard, but luckily, Dickinson has great advice for students on a budget.
“When you have a budget, definitely Forever 21, because it’s a lot of basic things for less.
I also like shopping online because I feel like you could sift through things easier, and for a good price too.” Not everything has to be cheap, though.
“If there’s something you really do love, but it’s more on the expensive side, just invest in a couple pieces that really speak to you,” she advised. “I think it’s worth the price. It’s good to invest in something that’s really good quality.”
Mila So (Sr.) had the same idea too. “For me, it’s quality over quantity. I’d rather buy something more expensive, but with higher quality.” He described his aesthetic as “simple” and “straight to the point.” So has mastered the art of making a really easy, simple style into something tasteful and chic.

“I have this necklace from Israel. I’m wearing a Young Thug shirt. Some black jeans from Pacsun, and Reebok sneakers… aaand then yeah, that’s it.” For the students who want to get maximum results with minimum effort, they should listen to So’s fashion advice.
“I like the color black. Black is simple, it goes with everything. Buy black jeans. At least one pair is a necessity.”
For a chill look, you have to have a chill attitude. “You don’t have to worry about the trends,” he said. “Keep it simple. Like a t-shirt and some jeans and you’re chill.”
What makes the simple outfit a good outfit though, is the details.
This necklace he got from Israel draws attention to the print on his shirt, and shines a brilliant silver against his black shirt, creating contrast.

Everyone has little things that are either special to them, or spice up their look. It could be an accessory, a statement piece, or even a makeup routine.
“I’ll get up in the morning, and I’ll fill in my eyebrows a little bit,” said Dickinson, “and then I’ll put on foundation, powder, highlight, and mascara.”
But it isn’t just the girls who want to start the morning feeling fresh. 
“I love my Calvin Klein cologne,” said Farran.
“It makes me feel good. I get a lot of confidence knowing I’m walking out and I smell good.”
Skincare can be really important to some students, especially in the teenage years. But it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex.  
“I just wash my face everytime I take a shower in the morning, just to get all that crap out. I use a scrub,” Altman said.
The little things also can add some individuality to your look. Having a trademark favorite item  can make you stand out, without much effort.
For So, it was his red checkered old school vans. For Farran, his pink overalls. Altman had his Kendrick Lamar concert shirt, which reminded him of good memories of seeing him live.
Whatever students choose to wear for the new school year, they should just know that their clothes are supposed to make them feel good.
“When I’m wearing an outfit I like, I feel more confident,” said Dickinson. “I don’t really go for trends because everyone else is wearing it, I chose things like for what suits my body and makes me feel good.”