Homecoming 2017: Another Homecoming Another Dance

Staff Writer

UHS hosted its homecoming dance with the theme Dancing Through the Decades on Saturday, October 7.

As per homecoming tradition of students asking one another to the dance, some commented on their experiences having a date. Jake Rome (Jr.) asked Sheila Annett (Jr.) as he was driving her towards the bridge near UCI. There was a big sign hanging from the bridge, and as she saw the sign, he pulled out a bouquet of flowers. “The asking doesn’t justify the amount of fun I had with Jake at the dance, and that says a lot since the asking was quite extravagant.” said Sheila Annett (Jr.).

Some homecoming askings were more elaborate and different than others. Douglas Sun (Jr.), Christopher Loveland (Jr.) and Joshua Alvarez (Jr.) planned accordingly to kidnap their dates, Tamar Aizik (Soph.), Clare Jun (Soph.) and Skylar Mogari (Soph.) respectively from their houses by using duct tape and blindfolds. “The boys set up a little stereo and played the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, held up the posters and then all the girls were unblindfolded to find the boys standing there, asking the three of us.” said Clare Jun (Soph.).

As it was the freshman class’s first homecoming dance, some students commented about their experience at one of their first big events of the year and their preparations that occurred before arriving to the dance. “The dance was different than what I expected, but it was cool to see what all the hype was about,” said Gabi Souza (Fr.).

Attending his first formal dance of the year, a student remarks on his experience. “It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be because of the music, but I’m still glad I went.” said Julius Juang (Fr.).

The seniors that attended their last dance at UHS offered their opinions regarding their final experience. “The Dj was trash, but the memories weren’t.” said Tejas Dhinsa (Sr.).

Another student also commented about the music selection and dance. “Although the DJ was not good and a waste of money, as a senior I still wanted to have fun and make memories. The people around me made me enjoy the dance and not mind the music.” said Karim Farran (Sr.).

“The dance wasn’t the best, but everyone came together to make the best of it.” said Sara Sussman (Jr.).