Beautiful Trauma: a New Confidence and Comfort from Pink

Pink’s seventh album marks a departure from her previous pop punk style. (The Grape Juice)

Staff Writer

Pink’s newest and seventh album is a marked change from her typical musical style. Pink’s previous albums are fast, energetic and impassioned. The lyrics are stark and aggressive. Beautiful Trauma is a stronger testament to her incredible vocal range. The emotional impact of her songs still delivers, yet in a more controlled and passive style. Beautiful Trauma has a more genuine and candid feeling, one that seems to characterize Pink in the latter stages of her musical career.

Pink’s newest album is a reflection of her personal life from the past few years. She describes anecdotes on her relationships and marriage. Despite the personal breakups and struggles, Pink’s music radiates a sense of newfound self-confidence and comfort. The album’s title track, which opens the album, is quiet and controlled; there are no hints of Pink’s previous punk-style vocals and hard-rock beats, characteristic of her past album Funhouse. Pink manages to jump between elegant and jagged verses which mesh together beautifully. Amidst her instrumental music is a lyrical balance in which Pink details her love through multiple hardships. The soft-spoken instrumentals complement Pink’s vocals in a manner that hasn’t been displayed in her previous albums.

“What About Us” is the track that truly embodies the essence of Pink’s new musical style. This song, similar to “Beautiful Trauma,” transforms from a quiet ballad into a more emotional dance-floor hit. Pink’s vocals are on full display and the performance is truly impressive. There is a tender and sensitive element to this track. Lyrics like, “What about us? What about all the broken happy ever afters? Oh, what about us? What about all the plans that ended in disaster?” convey Pink’s frustrations in her personal life. Yet, there is also a more assertive and soulful side that highlights her confidence. The song builds slowly, and the emotional impact is expressed masterfully. “Revenge” is another track on the album that may seem like a vindictive verse; there is certainly an element of Pink’s past tensions that is brought to light. Despite its vindictive lyrics, both from Pink and Eminem, the song is rather light-hearted and comical; the production is exciting and dynamic, and it also epitomizes a lively and charismatic side of Pink.

Many listeners may refer to Pink’s new album as morose. Others may claim that it is simply an extension of her previous albums, centered around personal relationships. However, the album presents a unique duality that underscores both Pink’s maturity and her personal issues. In fact, the album’s theme of self-love and self-confidence can even be inspiring to those who appreciate its underlying charm. It is an album marking significant growth in Pink’s personal life and her musical career.