Comedy Sportz: Stranger…Spookier…Funnier…

“Master stylist” Dalton Nguyen(Sr.) pretends to style Franklin Duffy’s(Sr.) hair. 

Staff Writer

University High School’s Comedy Sportz team took the stage as they performed their Halloween edition of their classic improv event.

The show included a wide variety of acts. One of the most popular ones being the Dating Show Skit where the captain would exit the auditorium, and once they are out of earshot the audience would give each player on the team a role that they would have to play.

This match, the Red Team chose this skit and the audience requested that one player be “Eleven” from Stranger Things, the second player be a push pin and the third Justin Timberlake. When captain Amina Khelif (Sr.) returned she had to interview each “contestant.” After a few questions, she had to guess who or what each player was based on clues they gave. Fellow contestant Dalton Nguyen (Sr.) was “Eleven” and when Khelif would ask a question he responded with references to “The Upside Down” or “Eggo waffles.” This was widely popular with the audience earning widespread laughs.

Captains Ellena Eshraghi (Sr.) and Khelif led their respective teams for both halves before the Red Team ultimately won. The match began with Khelif as the leader of the Blue Team, and Eshraghi leading the Red Team, before switching for the second half to make each skit fairly judged.

Audience member Lauren Bryant (Soph.) shared that she liked the “Back in My Day” skit, which consisted of both teams needing to improvise a scenario where they could connect the phrase “back in my day” and the recent invention that the audience chose which was “hoverboards.”

Blue Team member Tejas Dhindsa (Sr.)’s punchline was “back in my day we did not need to buy a hoverboard to brag about how rich we were, we would just say… I am rich!

While that joke was funny and well received, perhaps an even funnier one was “back in my day we did not have Dance Dance Revolution, we had The Bolshevik Revolution!” Amina Khelif (Sr.) exclaimed while impersonating a Russian accent.

The final skit that earned the Red Team their victory after falling behind throughout the match was a scenario where they needed to create a story in one minute, then the story would continuously be cut in half after time was up.

The Red Team improvised Franklin Duffy (Sr.) to enter a supposed hair salon only to be greeted by Khelif who is an annoying receptionist. After taking her time she takes Duffy to his “master stylist,” Dalton Nguyen (Sr.). Nguyen then portrays an over-exuberant and hilariously sassy stylist as he begins to flip Duffy’s hair around opposed to “styling” it. The scenario overall left the audience crying in their seats from laughter. The laughter continued to roar when the scene needed to be cut to 30 seconds and finally to 15 seconds. During the 15 second round, Nguyen accidentally hit Duffy over the head instead of flipping it around, which was surely painful, but highly comical to the audience. With so much going on in the scene and characters running all around the stage to finish the scene within the time constraints, the audience’s cheers made it an obvious win for the Red Team.

Audience member Clara Seely-Katz (Soph.) expressed that “it was really creative,” adding that she has been to “other improv shows at various universities, and [she] did not expect it to be so funny.”

The next Comedy Sportz match will be on December 1st and will be against UHS Comedy Sportz alumni.