November Artist of the Month: Emily McPhie

Emily McPhie (Sr.) works on a piece for her breath in AP 2D Design.

Staff Writer
Emily McPhie (Sr.), a contributor of multiple art mediums, is this month’s artist of the month. McPhie is a senior and has taken advanced graphic design, art studio, AP 2D design, marching band, concert band, and jazz band.
McPhie discovered her passion for art in elementary school when she utilized it as a stress reliever from her academic classes. She has worked with a UCI professor and an NGO, designing websites and logos for them.
“[Emily] tries things from multiple perspectives. When we’re working on a project, she doesn’t only [create] one version, but 25 different versions. She always comes up with something interesting because of her various perspectives,” said Ms. Kramer (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.).
“Emily is one of the best designers I’ve ever met and she’s able to create the coolest things in a really short amount of time,” said Jolene Okamoto (Sr.) “Her designs are always super creative and she’s not afraid to make things go against the grid.”
McPhie comments on one of her most enjoyable art pieces. “I took the train to LA and only managed to like three photos out of the 200 that I took, but was satisfied with what I was able to get,” said McPhie. McPhie derives much of her inspiration from artists like Keith Haring and David Carson. “However, my biggest inspiration is Ms. Kramer, who constantly motivates me to find something I love and go for it,” said McPhie.
McPhie hopes to major in graphic design and is currently applying to schools for that designated interest. She does not know exactly what she wants to do with graphic design in the future, but is determined to do something involving it.
“Emily encapsulates everything one would want in a graphic designer,” said Ben Schneiderman (Sr.) “She’s dedicated, quick, focused, and, perhaps most importantly, good…She’s definitely going far. Call me in 20 years.”