UHS Halloween Costume Contest

Staff Writer
UHS school hosted its annual Halloween costume contest on Tuesday. The spirit and rally commissioner Douglas Sun (Jr.) and SAC Navid Maghami (Sr.) announced the contestants participating in the contest. “I was worried that not a lot of people would dress up, but I think this year more people dressed up than any of the other years I’ve been here,” said Maghami.
Students met at the crossroads to showcase their costumes and were judged on their creativity and originality. Some of the teachers and staff came together to dress up as one group. Mr. Kris Kough (Admin Dept.), Mr. Matthew Pate (Admin Dept.), and Mrs. Connie Park (Admin Dept.) donned their chef costumes, while the counseling staff dressed as Disney characters. A student offers her opinion, regarding their costume idea. “I wasn’t expecting the staff to dress up so well, but it was fun to see them in something other than suits,” Rebecca Ofir (Jr.) said.
Ironically, a student dressed up as his chemistry teacher, Mr. Nicholas Brighton (Science Dept.). “Mr. Brighton has a very distinct sense of fashion that I aspire to have,”  said Christopher Loveland (Jr.). He recreated Mr. Brighton’s daily apparel, even completing the look with lab goggles. Defending his former title as the Halloween costume winner, Kian Akhavan (Jr.) dressed up as a cyclist, bringing in a real bike. “I was hoping for the back to back W[in]. Even though I had to throw together a last-second cyclist costume, it was probably the best cyclist costume out there,” said Akhavan.
Winners, Alexis-Brooke LoBianco (Sr.), Aryn Press (Soph.), Ashley Chandler (Sr.), Karissa Shin (Sr.) and Momo Meriwether (Sr.), dressed up as characters from Mario Kart. As they all play for the varsity basketball team, they came across the idea of being characters from Mario Kart at a team bonding event. LoBianco comments on her overall experience participating in the costume contest. “We had a really great time and throwing the bananas on the ground during our ‘race’ down the costume contest runway was something I won’t forget,” said LoBianco.