Student Contributor
…. Jensen?”
“Yeah, what is it?”
“It’s pretty dark in here.”
“Just go back to bed, Alan.”
…… Goodnight Jensen”
“G’night, Alan.”
“Jensen. Jensen?”
“What is it, Alan?”
“It’s awfully cold.”
“Of course it is bud, it’s the middle of winter.”
colder than I expected.”
“Wadjyah say, Alan?”
“I said it’s colder than I expected.”
Just, try to go to bed, ok bud?”
“Okay, goodnight, Jensen.”
“Goodnight, Alan.”
“Jensen, I can’t sleep.”
“Why not?”
“I think it’s because my hair’s still damp.”
“Of course it’s still damp, Alan, you fell into a lake.”
“Isn’t your hair still damp, too?”
“Yes, because I jumped in after you.”
“……Hey Jensen….?”
“Yes, Alan?”
“…. thanks for that.”
“Jensen, it’s so cramped in here.”
“Well, what were you expecting a luxury hotel?”
“i was expecting more room.”
“……Alan, go to sleep, you’ll forget about how cramped it is.”
“Alright, Jensen, goodnight.”
“G’night, Alan.”
“Jensen? Do you think there is anything after this?”
“Are you asking me if there’s a God, Alan?”
… well, no. just…. something else.”
“If you go to sleep, you might find out.”
“fine. goodnight, jensen.”
“Goodnight, Alan.”
“What, Alan?”
“It’s kinda lonely”
“Yeah, it is, buddy.”
“At least I’ve got you.”
“Yeah, you got me.”
“i just thought….
…… I just thought there would be more people, ya know?”
“Well, maybe if you hadn’t fallen through the ice and dragged me down with you
we wouldn’t be here. ……..I-I’m sorry, Alan, it-it wasn’t your fault.”
“it’s ok, Jensen. I’m sorry too. If we had it my way, we would have been cremated.
…At least now we can sleep.”
“Goodnight, Alan.”
“Goodnight, Jensen.”