Club Kickoff struggles continue amid recent improvements

Staff Writer
A total of 7,592 tickets were sold at the annual Club Kickoff event, compared to the 9,700 tickets sold the previous year.
The event was slightly different from previous years. The Associated Student Body (ASB) made improvements to the ticket distribution system, such as pre selling tickets in front of locker areas in order to be more efficient and advertising the event to a wider audience.

“In addition, we had a freshman information meeting, where we explained what Club Kick off was, so that by Friday they came prepared with tickets.” Anya Hwang (Sr.) said.
This year’s Club Kickoff was held during extended lunch on October 20, but failed to reach the same attendance numbers as last year.
Club Kickoff is one of the first club events of the year; according to Hwang, it is “a perfect opportunity to make some money and get a club started.”
During Club Kickoff, clubs hand out sign up sheets and sell food in an attempt to promote their club as much as possible.
“It’s actually a lot of fun,” Mr. Christopher Esposito (World Languages Dept.), the advisor of Spanish club, Academic Decathlon, and Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) said. “Working together with your club members creates a sense of teamwork too.”
For many students, it was their first time selling a product, which was a valuable experience.
“The business aspect of it is also an excellent part of Club Kickoff,” Esposito said. “I think Club Kickoff taught many clubs about marketing and also taught them a lesson about business at the same time.”
One of the major complaints was the ticket system.
“Tickets are really easy to lose,” Michael Yu (Jr.) said. “They’re really small and light and they’re kind of inconvenient if you run out.”
Some, on the other hand, felt that the ticket system had noticeably improved compared to the previous year.
“It was definitely a lot easier to get tickets this year,” David Kurniawan (Jr.) said. “I only waited in line for like 3 minutes this year, and they had so many places to buy them that there wasn’t really any traffic.”
Some clubs disliked how tables were assigned this year, particularly about sharing tables.
“Having two clubs at the same table wasn’t the best,” Samuel Do (Jr.) said “We were really crowded and there wasn’t enough space. There was barely enough room for the club members to stand behind the table.”
There were also concerns about the effect of sharing tables on smaller clubs.

“Sometimes small clubs would get put next to larger clubs and then they’d get ignored,” Do said. “I don’t understand why we had to share tables.”
Despite these complaints, there were still improvements made to the event.
“[It was] definitely a lot better than I expected [Club Kickoff] to go,” Kurniawan said. “I’m looking forward to what improvements ASB will make next time.”