Trip by Jhené Aiko: an album review

Trip is Jhené Aiko’s second studio album and was originally announced under the name Trip 17. (Courtesy of Love This Track)

Staff Writer

Music artist Jhené Aiko released her album Trip in late 2017, featuring other artists such as Big Sean, Swae Lee and her daughter Namiko Love.

She promotes self-love and tells of her life experiences of passion and love throughout her album. Her album is described as “an epic, psychedelic journey beyond the boundaries of R&B” by Apple Music. Aiko clearly speaks her mind throughout her album, and her songs range from quick and upbeat to slow and mellow.

Aiko’s music is heavily influenced by her life and her experiences, for instance, she produced a song about Namiko Love. The song expresses the genuine love and power they give off to each other. Her song “While We’re Young” was inspired by the two popular movies The Notebook and 50 First Dates. In the music video, she plays a woman with dementia, while a man is constantly trying to recall her memories and the love that they used to share.

Her album has a total of 22 songs, each crafted with originality. There are many girls who look up to her because of how she portrays herself and her music and I think she did a great job continuing her image and quality of music.

Although her music is quite explicit and personal, I believe her album reflects her hard work and who she is as a person. Her songs continue to speak loudly and, in my opinion, explain the true meaning of living life in that we should appreciate even the smallest moments.