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    Irvine City CouncilOct 4, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Christina Shea has to spearhead something in her 24 years on the City Council. Realizing her days are numbered, she is trying to get her name on something she can claim as an achievement. But nothing she does will makeup for the cost to Irvine taxpayers and the heartache she caused to the citizens and, most important, the Veterans! By trying to swindle land that was designated for a Veterans Cemetery for another piece of land through a developer, the voters spoke out and voted against it. But Shea didn’t stop there, with the help of Melissa Fox and Donald Wagner, the three vote majority, they decided to reject funding for the cemetery. Why? Why does anyone do malicious and deceitful things? Money! Paid by the developer to vote against the Great Park Land site to be used as a cemetery. There is always a motive behind whatever this woman does, and it is always to benefit her. She will be remembered as killing the Veterans Cemetery in Irvine because of her greed! Her re-election campaign was financed by this developer and she received the maximum amount per person allowed by the entire Strader family, another registered lobbyist who sits with her on the Irvine Community Land Trust Board of Directors. Also, Melissa Fox sits on this Board as well. And recently they closed their doors to the public. So with 2 City Council members and a registered lobbyist, who supplements their income*, on the Board of this Affordable Housing Organization, the people have no idea what deals are being done. The people of Irvine have a right to voice their opinions of how their money is being spent because, this organization would not survive without City Funds and Federal Grant money. And because Irvine is not seeing any affordable homes for those less fortunate, one can only speculate.
    * The Orange County Register dated March 1, 2018, reported Melissa Fox received $10,000 from this lobbyist and has yet to prove what she used the money for. Perhaps it was used to pay off her Federal Tax Lien or her sons College tuition in Alaska? Again, one can only speculate when they shut out the community.

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Controversy continues over the Irvine Veterans Cemetery