Quality Control Control of the Streets Volume 1: Rapping the year up in an Album

Quality Control is a new and upcoming music label located in Atlanta. (Genius)

Staff Writer

Quality Control, a music label grown and created in the heart of Atlanta, the world’s hip-hop capital, is the new up and coming music label. Led by Migos and Lil Yachty, the music label has become stronger than ever with their name and brand being featured in the New York Times and The New Yorker. Unlike many other labels, Quality Control has stayed away from one hit wonder artists and focused on artists that could develop and gradually increase his talent at home, in their studios.

Now finishing the year, they’re back with their newest album made in partnership with Motown Records, Capitol Records and Universal Music Group, which goes all in featuring artists from Travis Scott to Cardi B. Unlike any other album, Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume One is a compilation album featuring some popular artists and some up and coming artists. Led by Migos, the 30 track album includes snippets of Migos’ success in the past year as well as talking about their new toys and luxuries they have achieved due to the success.

While there are song likes “Pop Sh*t”, “We the Ones”, and “Um Yea”  which lack much meaning and are where Migos flex how much they have– as well as “Boat Skrt” where Lil Yachty does the same — the compilation album does feature songs like “Ice Tray”.  Dissing Joe Budden, a rapper as well as co-host of Complex’s podcast “Everyday Struggle”, who has dissed Lil Yachty for his album cover and shared a heated interview with Migos back in June, “Ice Tray” is Migos’ and Lil Yachty’s diss back at Budden.

Features by Travis Scott on “Mediterranean” change up the flow of the album adding some deviation from the rapping done majorly by Migos and Lil Yachty through higher pitched tones. In addition, “She for Keeps” does the same: having Quavo rap and sing in a higher pitch and Nicki Minaj rap allows for some change in the thirty tracks. In addition, the album debuts one of Quality Control’s newer artists, Lil Baby, in songs “My Dawg” and “Hook Up” which offer some changes in the flow of the album in order to keep the listener entertained.

While the music label attempts to make the 30 track long compilation album not feel long with features by Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and more, the deviations in tone and voices are not enough to keep the listener entertained for the one hour and forty minutes that the album lasts. For many listeners, the songs that have the catchiest beats, like “Intro”, “We the Ones”, “My Dawg” and a few more, will be the only ones listened to while maybe a few Quality Control enthusiasts will listen to the entire album over and over again. While this album may not be for everyone, Quality Control has really shown off their potential as a music label and shown us there is a lot more in store for 2018.