War and Leisure: an Album Review

War & Leisure is Miguel’s 4th studio album. (Genius)

Staff Writer

Miguel Jontel Pimente, popularly known as Miguel, released his new album War & Leisure on December, 2017, reviving R&B/Soul in the music industry. His new album features popular artists, such as Travis Scott, Kali Uchis and J.Cole who bring a different twist to his music in comparison to his last album Wildheart.

Miguel describes his album as “[his] most politically charged project to date” in several interviews as he uses his music to speak out and address the social issues prevailing in society, such as immigration, treatment of women and people of color. He does so in a way that engages his listeners to notice the small, but important things he says in his songs.

In his song, “Now”, he focuses on the current situation of immigration and the issue for people being deported from the United States. The line “Let’s not waste our common ground” is directed to the people of the lower class, who are continually oppressed by society, and indicates that there needs to be unity to fight against inequities.

Miguel expressed his opinions on politics with his lines, “CEO of the free world now/ Build your walls up high and wide,” in the song “Now,” referring to the wall that President Trump was going to make along the border. I think this was a creative way to advocate against the wall in a way that engages his listeners.

Miguel released a total of 12 songs in War & Leisure and I think he successfully brought a different mix and style of music to his fans. His album greatly reflects who he is as an artist and how he has become an influential music artist in today’s industry.