Huncho Jack: an Album Review

Huncho Jack
Huncho Jack is a collaborative effort between Travis Scott and Quavo. (HipHopDx) 

Staff Writer
Teased throughout the entirety of last year, Huncho Jack by Travis Scott and Quavo was finally released during the last few weeks of 2017. Despite there being so much hype for the album, it sadly did not live up to its expectations with Pitchfork stating it was “lethargic even for a victory lap” meaning despite the success achieved by both Travis Scott and Quavo in 2017 this album did not reflect their talent. The 42-minute album felt more like an afterthought than an album with purpose. This was shown with the lack of chemistry between Travis Scott and Quavo as they did not complement each other making it seem as if two strangers were rapping together. Instead of being himself it felt as if Quavo changed his style of rapping to match Scott’s.
In the very first track of the album, there are snippets from “Cigarettes and Coffee” by legendary soul singer Otis Redding. The first song “Modern Slavery” compares slavery that occurred centuries ago to being enslaved today with all the luxury items and cars. This is the only song that truly has some meaning while the rest of tracks lack any meaning with both artists showing off how successful they are and showing off how many expensive goods they own. Songs like “Eye to Eye,” which talk about how Scott and Quavo are so successful that the only people equivalent to them are each other, is the theme of the rest of track. In addition, songs like “Motorcycle Patches” and “Dubai Sh*t” copy music from before with “MotorCycle Patches” copying Travis Scott’s hit “Butterfly Effect” and “Dubai Sh*t” imitating “Gyalchester” from Drake’s last album More Life.
For a highly anticipated album, Huncho Jack really failed to deliver and ended the year with a bust. Every song talks about the exact same thing and the beats aren’t quite unique besides the snippet from “Cigarettes and Coffee”.