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  • K

    kertsenMar 8, 2018 at 4:00 am

    It has always been historically accepted that men must make the first sexual advance. This makes it necessary for women to encourage that advance if they wish to proceed with further action. Naturally no man can tell how far the women may wish to continue and many women in this position may decide as the action proceeds if it is to be carried to fulfillment. Some men may rethink their intentions as this joust proceeds and decide for all sorts of reasons to discreetly withdraw ( no pun intended ).
    All of this complex activity is also affected by the status of the man and woman involved. Today the guilt of being married or engaged is not so strong , and age plays less of a part than it used to do.
    We see this played out in the lives of the famous who engage in all sorts of intrigues and games without breaking the law.
    The problem arises when we consider compulsion but remember it is only a step away from persuasion.

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