Cabaret Night: “Come to the Cabaret Old Chum”

Several group performances by Canta Bella, Madrigals and Undertones complement the solo performances that occupied the majority of the night. (Courtesy of Krissa Maeda)

Staff Writer

Cabaret Night was a Broadway-inspired concert held by members of Footnotes, Undertones, Canta Bella and Madrigals. In contrast to the traditional choir concert held in the theatre and consisting of a repertoire of music, Cabaret Night proved to be completely different; it truly felt like a cabaret. From the glittering stars hanging from the ceilings to the lights that added an elegant atmosphere, the show displayed all of the characteristics of a traditional Cabaret while still being a choir concert.

Throughout the night, UHS choir members acted as waiters and waitresses, further adding to the entire production of the show. “Preparation-wise, there’s a lot of work and love that goes into putting on this show,” junior Celine Tran explained. “The decorations [the guests] see were all put up by students, and [the crew] had to prepare the music.”

In addition to decorations,“there was a lot of rehearsal,” junior Alex Mason said.
Mason went further to explain that “all of the money goes towards the development of the choir, so that is why we hoped for such a big turn out.”

The show included two acts of about ten performances each, and each performance followed the theme of the night: musicals.

Cabaret Night’s hosts were senior Dalton Nguyen, UHS Choir President Sarika Mande and UHS Choir Vice President Angelina Ross. The trio made the entire night lively and exciting, as they incorporated puns and jokes into the introductions of each performance. The show included solos such as senior Neal Sharma’s “Till There Was You” from Music Man and senior Audrey Mitchell’s performance of “Cabaret” from Cabaret. Although the majority of performances were solos, there were also group performances from Footnotes, Undertones, Canta Bella and Madrigals.

Performer and senior Erik Diaz admitted that he “always gets nervous before performing, but once [he is] on stage [he] just forgets about [his] nerves and gets into the music.”

Throughout the entire show, the audience was clearly entertained and amazed at how much work went into this production.“I think it’s really interesting how it’s not in the actual theater, so it’s cozier,” freshman Kimia Jabaherneshen said. “I like how it’s more specialized because it made it more fun.”

Jabaherneshen was not the only one who loved the show. Freshman Hiromi Nishida added that “everyone was so talented and [she] loved the a Cappella group.” Overall, UHS Choir faithfully recreated the environment of an authentic cabaret while also adding their own touches of humor.