UHS Dance Invitational: Remixing Multiple Genres of Dance

Staff Writer

Dance Company hosted its annual dance invitational with five other schools on January 12 and January 13. Northwood, Brea Olinda, Corona Del Mar, El Modena High School and APA Repertory Company all performed in addition to University High school. A total of 22 dances were performed, six of which were by the UHS dance company. The show was a success in terms of audience attendance, as 70 attendees showed on the first day and 150 others showed up on the second day.

Dancers rehearsed intensely for weeks leading up to the show, putting the finishing touches on the dances that were created. “We practiced every day at school and I [would] go over choreography in my head at home,” sophomore Tracy Chen said. “When I dance, I feel so free and I connect my emotions to the piece.”

The dances ranged in style from ballet to hip-hop. Remixes to popular songs, such as “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, were played along with strong vocal songs like “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce. The song choice was diverse and all the dances had individual characteristics that made them all unique. “The show had an interesting variety of song genres and amount of dancers per dance, which meant each new dance felt like its own separate show, which I liked,” junior Olivia Mattair said. The Dance Invitational showcased a variety of talents and styles, demonstrating the diversity of dance as a form of expression.