9-1-1: a T.V. Show Review

From left to right Angela Bassett as a police patrol sergeant, Peter Krause as a Firefighter captain and Connie Britton as a 911 operator. (Fox)

Staff Writer

Whats your emergency? For a while, mine was trying to find a show I could binge watch. Thankfully on January 3rd, 9-1-1 was released. This show is perfect for thrill-seekers in search of excitement. The first episode pulled me in and left me wanting more. The reason I believe the show was so successful was because of its highly talented cast, starring Connie Britton as Abby Clark, Oliver stark as Evan Buckley, Angela Bassett as Athena Grant and Peter Krause as Bobby Nash.

9-1-1 follows several kinds of first responders as they go through heart pumping and shocking emergencies. The show is compelling due to its, multitude of emergencies, each one different in its case and luring viewers at home. From rescuing a baby inside of a water pipe, to helping the victims of a plane crash, this show has it all.

The acting during the emergency situations also captures my attention, evident in the performances of Connie Britton and Angela Bassett, who carry the show like in American Horror Story. Britton plays the 9-1-1 responder that I believe has the most interesting part in the show, as she tries to guide individuals through their crises.

9-1-1 gives you a first-hand view of what emergency responders have to do in their frightening situations. Britton has to go through stressful calls while maintaining her composure. Emotions definitely spark everywhere throughout the show.

Not only do these heroes have to take care of other people’s’ emergencies, but they also have personal issues. Abby has to take care of her mother with Alzheimer’s and Bobby has to deal with the guilt of the death of his family members.

At first, when I saw the show trailer, I thought it wasn’t going to be as good as some others thought it would. I thought that the emergencies would be boring and unoriginal. But, in actuality, each is authentic in its own way. The first episode was my favorite because a woman was getting choked by her own snake. It was intense watching the creature wrap its body around her throat as she started to pass out. I watched keenly as the firemen, Stark and Krause, decapitated the creature with a fire ax.

Overall, 9-1-1 is a great show to watch because of its adrenaline-filled scenes coupled with a great cast.