Amen: an Album Review

Amen is Rich Brian’s first studio album under 88rising. (genius)

Staff Writer

After recently altering his name, Rich Brian formerly known as Rich Chigga, released Amen, his very first studio album. Known for his successful hits “Dat $tick” and “Crisis,” his newest project represents a reimagined version of himself in which the music he makes has more significance to himself. In an interview with Genius Brian felt that his old name Rich Chigga “…was insensitive, naive, and a mistake and he wanted to create a more serious persona.” The title of the album Amen itself represents Brian’s strong religious background and optimistic nature.

The fourteen song album starts off with some free flow rapping talking of self-reflection. The song, “Amen”, features a very strong bass and Rich Brian’s monotone voice adds emphasis to the theme of self-reflection in the song. The next song “Cold” is more catchy with music being more experimental and variating into different chords and drums, especially at the two-minute mark. In my opinion, this song should have been the opening track. Another catchy song is “Introvert” featuring Joji, formerly known as Youtube sensation Filthy Frank, as the chorus is very melodious and the beat has a good bounce to it. “Attention” shares a similar beat pattern as well, but starts off slow and builds from there. Offset’s feature in this song complements Brian’s voice which makes this song one of the best due to how well both are in sync with each other. Songs like “Chaos” and “Flight” use unique beats which for many listeners might be confusing but in my opinion I found them great additions to the album as they added some variation to the album.

This album has some good variation which many albums fail to have. It has a good blend of trap, rap and melodic pop which makes it entertaining for a wide range of listeners. Even the features are good contributions to the album, especially Offset’s since both Brian and him synced up perfectly and complemented each other on “Attention.” Overall, Amen is well worth a listen due to the constant variation in beats, lyrics and tones by Rich Brian and I would highly recommend listening to this album.