Girls Volleyball wins 3-2 against Marina High School


Staff Writers
Girls Volleyball clinched a victory in their GOW with a tiebreaker of 15-9 playing against Marina Wednesday night.
The girls lost 9-11 in the initial round, which gave them a narrow margin to win. However, subsequent victories changed the score to 25-21 victory in the first period.
Junior Emma Stapp said, “I thought we did pretty well, we all came together to win. I thought the judge was horrible, he was definitely blind. And our coach got a yellow card for yelling at him.”
Marina is part of the Sunset League where they have earned numerous victories in volleyball matches.
After a member from the Marina made a strike which caused some troubles for the team, Coach Garry Currier  commented,
“[Marina] is a good team, if I look around,” Coach Currier said. “I think this was a very tough win.”
Coach Currier had several arguments with the judge after the other team repeatedly scored.
“We are humans; we make errors and you know I just get fired up, and calls are totally one-sided,” Coach Currier said. “So I’ll fight for my girls based upon that. And you know I went to the judge and the proper calls didn’t go to them.”
Despite the issues with scoring against the team, they still managed to pull off the win in the fifth period.
The girls team’s next home game is on Thursday, September 6 at 5:15 p.m. against Northwood High School.