Girls Volleyball advances to CIF despite loss

Staff Writer
Girls Volleyball lost 3-0 against San Clemente on their last league game of the season on Thursday, October 11. Although the team lost on the final game, the girls still finished the season with a record of 15-15, and look forward to doing well at CIF.
The team had the odds stacked against them, since they were up against a team that had won the Division One championship. However, they were able to reflect on their whole season, and look forward to their experience at CIF.
Senior Tania Batarseh was emotional when reminiscing about her final season in her four year career.
“This has been an amazing season. I am so proud of my team for making it to CIF. We have worked so hard and owe it all to our coach. Although we lost, we fought so hard in our last game,” she said.
Sophomore Lir Bartal gave a general view on her team and what she saw throughout the season..
“I think this season was great overall. We worked really hard and we all bonded and got really close. Everyone worked really hard and we played really well at the games. Everyone put in all of their effort and really pushed through,”  Bartal said.
Sophomore Karla Buitrago-Yepes focused more on her experience outside the game, saying, “It was a lot of fun to play with all my friends, new and old. It was an also interesting season with many new players and coaches. At the moment we are all very excited because we made it to CIF.”
The majority of the team felt happy about how their season ended, and were even happier that they have the opportunity to participate in CIF.
Junior Emma Stapp had a lot in her mind about her experience on her season, especially on all of the positive memories she made over the years.
“Volleyball takes a lot of commitment. Hot, grueling practices await before the tournament begins, which is even before school starts. Fortunately, we made it to CIF playoffs. The great news is that you start school with wonderful friends that you already bonded with and get to celebrate senior night, which are all very fun. It’s very tough fitting the heavy academic schedule with the exhausting hours of practice and games. This year, we played excellent volleyball. Last night at San Clemente, we communicated well, worked together, served several aces, blocked huge hits, and set up points that were very impressive. I love my team and my sport,” Stapp said.
All of the girls had to manage tough academic classes as well as dedicate time to playing volleyball which made it difficult to play throughout the season.  
Junior Lily Krongold gave her season experience from the beginning to the end.
“Going into the season, our new coach promised that he would take us to CIF. I did not believe him all season, but here we are, going to CIFs next week. Honestly, this season has become a dream come true and I am so glad that the program is improving every year. My team is my family, and we all have a connection that no other school team has. I’m so blessed to be playing the sport I love with the people I love. Yesterday we lost, but honestly we played really well and I’m so proud of us. We kept up with a team that’s not even in our league, and we fought hard from start to finish. It was a tough battle, but all in all, it was a fun experience to end the season with,” Krongold said.
The girls will be heading to CIF, preparing for their most important games of the season that will take place next week.