October Artist of the Month: Angelina Ross


Ross performs at Cabaret Night last year (Courtesy of Angelina Ross)

Staff Writer
October’s artist of the month is senior Angelina Ross, nominated by drama teacher Mrs. Ranae Bettger. Ross is the Drama Club President, the Fine Arts Liaison for ASB, plays Agent 99 in Get Smart and is a part of the hair and makeup crew for the show. In addition to the UHS theater program, Ross has participated in UHS Choir, Canta Bella, Madrigals, Dance Company, and Comedy Sportz. She has also been a member of class council for three years.
“The reason Angie is my nominee is due to her empathetic spirit and organically creative nature,” Bettger said. “She epitomizes our Drama Club Mission Statement and exemplifies the Trojan Code of Conduct.”
Ross first became interested in drama after participating in a forensics team in middle school, where she competed in public speaking through poetry and monologues. She officially started drama in seventh grade with her first musical, Aladdin. She was inspired by her older sister, who had been involved in drama throughout school, to start participating in drama, and later, Dance Company and Comedy Sportz.  
However, Ross’s favorite things about drama aren’t just focused on herself. “My favorite thing about drama is being able to impact the audience,” Ross said. “They should walk out of the theater thinking or feeling something that they hadn’t thought [or] felt before. Theater is translating the best and the messiest parts of the human experience and partaking in that process has brought me so much joy!”
Ross hopes to pursue a future in drama and theater in college. “I am hoping to major in theater in college so that I can further expand my knowledge of acting and directing,” Ross said. “Artistic direction in both the theater and in film is also fascinating to me. As long as I spend the rest of my life involved in theatre, regardless of the role I am playing, I will be happy.”
In her role as Drama Club President, she helps organize shows and other fundraising events for the UHS Drama program. “I get the honor of participating in the leadership of our club and overseeing the ins and outs of our program,” Ross said.
One of the shows Ross helped to organize was the Talent Show. “She has auditioned, directed and helped produce this year’s [show], which is our largest fundraiser, during which we made $3,500 in one week’s time,” Bettger said.
Ross appreciates the many skills and opportunities she has gained from theater. “Theater has challenged my confidence, creativity, physical strength, mental strength…the list goes on!” Ross said. “I am incredibly lucky to love what I do as much as I do.”