Nodoka Honda and Alexis Kim qualify at Individual and SCGA Qualifying Matches

Heidi Jin, Staff Writer 

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Senior captain Nodoka Honda and junior Alexis Kim qualified for individual with the same score of 76 last Thursday at River Ridge golf course.
“The course was more difficult than others,” Kim said. “The competition was pretty tough.”
Although playing in a team effort, individual matches calculate scores differently as team match.
“[For] team [matches] you just have to add the scores up,” junior Emily Tao said. “Individuals is just your own game.”
Individual qualifying gathered a lot of outstanding young golfers, creating a competitive golfing environment.
“The people in my group played really well too, “ Kim said. “I hoped to play with people who is also doing well, so it’s like everyone does well as a whole.”
Overall the team played consistently, the scores were notable. Tao shot 77 and senior Dana Choi shot 78.
“I think Emily played really well.” Senior captain Emy Zhu said.
Tao chipped in on hole 16, which saved the number of strokes that needed for putting.
Despite the success, the girls still had doubts on their performance in the match.
“I need to improve my putting skill and increase driving distance,” Zhu said.
Besides techniques, mindset is also an important factor in determining the outcome of the game.
“I guess mentally I can improve,” Tao said.
Girls Golf completed a successful season with a league record of 8-1 and CIF Championship and looks to continue their success next season.