New Assistant Principal temporarily joins UHS administration

Mr. Jeffrey Morano joined the administration on October 30th.

Staff Writer
Former Rancho Assistant Principal Mr. Jeffrey Morano joined the UHS administration as a district-appointed supplement for new programs around campus on October 30 .
Morano, who also has previous experience as an educator at Northwood High School, will be primarily involved in specific educational programs.  
He will be working with administration on developing policies of Advanced Placement (AP) class culture to ensure inclusion as well as new programs including the “Speak up, We Care” campaign that promotes mental health awareness between the district and students.
According to Principal Kevin Astor, Morano’s role will be an asset for UHS as an aide for the administration and will be an opportunity for Morano to head new projects and gain experience.
“It’s different than what he’s been doing because he’s been at the middle school so it would be a cool opportunity for him to do some different stuff and work at the high school as an administrator,”Astor said. “…[the district] felt confident they could find someone to replace him at Rancho who would have everything they need. So it just seemed like a perfect fit.”
The disciplinary vice principal role will be taken on by Mr. Robert Jauregui, who replaced Mr. Richard Bellante on October 19 due to a district policy limiting the work days a retired administrator can work. Jauregui will leave when Mr. Kough returns in February from his military duties in Afghanistan.
“Although Mr. Bellante and Mr. Jauregui are amazing and hardworking and do all the stuff we ask them to do and need them to do,” Astor said. “It’s not the same as your permanent team.”
Morano is looking forward to taking on his new role at UHS.
“It’s an opportunity to get to know the school and meet some new people and hopefully make a difference,” Morano said.