Girls Water Polo is victorious in first game of the season

Ellie Hanssler, Staff Writer 

Junior Joy Chen maintains an offensive position halfway through the fourth quarter.

Girl’s Water Polo started off the season with a victory against El Modena this past Thursday, winning with a score of 25-4.
Gaining the lead early on, the team finished out the first quarter up by six points, with senior Caitlyn Kissinger scoring two of the six goals. In the second quarter, the Trojans scored an additional seven points, finishing the first half of the game well ahead of El Modena. Despite this, the team’s intensity did not lighten, carrying on their determination well into the second half.
In the third quarter, University kept the game fast-paced and engaging, scoring eight more goals.  When added with the four goals the team scored in the fourth quarter, the Trojans emerged victorious 25-4.
“We worked really hard in the offseason to get to that point and be able to win by as much as we did,” sophomore Maria Langlois said.
This is Langlois’ second year playing for Varsity, a fact that shows through the seven goals she scored throughout the length of the game.
Following their victory, Girl’s Water Polo looks optimistically towards the rest of their season. Last year, Girl’s Water Polo finished with a season record of 11-17, also previously beating El Modena. This is a record that coaches and players alike look forward to improving on throughout the season.
“I think our season is going to go really well this year. We’ve smoked the past few teams we’ve played and we have a lot of great players [and] we developed a lot from last season to this season… I’m just really stoked to work hard and do well,” junior goalie Olivia Severson said.
“It was a good start. The girls came out with a lot of intensity. That’s always kind of questionable, you don’t know how they’re going to start, but they did great,” Coach Jesse Briggs said. “It’s gonna be a good season. We feel like we’re better than last year and the girls are excited to be here.”
Girl’s Water Polo hopes for another victory in their upcoming game against Laguna Hills, taking place at Laguna Hills High School November 27th.