UHS student founds “Group of Peace” nonprofit organization

Alexander Isreb (Jr.), founder of "Group of Peace" nonprofit organization
Alexander Isreb (Jr.), founder of “Group of Peace” nonprofit organization

University High School  student Alexander Isreb (Jr.) has talents that range from playing the piano to sailing—both of which he does while maintaining an academic degree of excellence. What distinguishes Isreb as an individual, however, is his self-motivated involvement in charity and volunteer services. At the age of fourteen, he founded the non-profit company Group of Peace, an organization  that provides basic supplies to orphanages all around the world and sells hand-crafted bracelets to raise the  funds needed. The company’s slogan is “Made by orphans, for orphans.”
His motivation to create a fully-developed and functioning organization at the age of fourteen undoubtedly stemmed from immense inspiration. Isreb said he was raised with the mentality that “if you help others, you will be helped in time.” Isreb remembers when his brother took him to Mexico for the first time on a family trip and brought medical and dental supplies for the orphanages in the area. Isreb became inspired by the orphans’ “happiness and satisfaction, regardless of what they did or did not have.”
Isreb said that “his greatest opponent was age.” Having had the dedication for years, Isreb decided to finally act upon his intentions at fourteen and begin creating the structure of Group of Peace. He tackled website designs, bracelet designs, advertisement opportunities along with school and extracurricular work. Although he has definitely improved since he started, he said he is “constantly on the move, attempting to perfect all aspects of my company the best I can.”
There are currently students in several different states working as representatives to spread the Group of Peace’s mission, and Group of Peace plans on starting a club on campus soon. The bracelets that Group of Peace sells for six dollars each, known as “Peace Pick” bracelets, are navy blue nautical bands with  dark red celluloid guitar picks attached. The organization also accepts money or supply donations, including first aid kits, vitamins, clothes and blankets. On the company’s website, http://www.groupofpeace.com, anyone can register to become an official member of Group of Peace. Those who register will receive poster art packages and advertising tools to use in spreading the cause. The organization was recently featured in the OC Register.
Isreb said, “The skills you gain in running your own company are top notch and not only beneficial to your studies, but also to your social skills.” Isreb confidently said, “The moral pay-off is worth all the hard work I have put forth. It takes years of hard work, effort, and stress, but at the end of the day, if you work bit by bit, it is worth it.”
Written by TAMARA LIN
Staff Writer