New UHS Website


Screenshot of the home page of the new UHS website

Screenshot of the home page of the new UHS website
Screenshot of the home page of the new UHS website.

University High School alumnus Michael Chan (2013) recently collaborated with Mr. Bryan Kinney (Math Dept.), Mr. Dat Tay (Tech), Mr. Dominic Fratantaro (Librarian), Mr. Matt Pate (Admin.) and the District IT department to create and implement a new UHS website that will now automatically redirect from the old site (
Chan graduated last June, retiring from his spot as the ASB Technology Commissioner. As ASB Tech Commissioner, Chan was responsible for maintaining the ASB website, uploading online copies of UNIVISION and updating the school app. Chan said he decided to participate in the creation of the new UHS website because “during senior year, I wanted to leave a legacy to the school in any way possible. Through ASB, I was able to push out the app and make changes to the technology commissioner position, but furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to work on the UHS wesbite and leave a legacy in that way.”
After looking at many other websites for inspiration, he spent weeks experimenting with different designs and layouts. “Eventually, I found a design that Thomas Gui (Sr.) and I thought would look better than good and outdo the other high schools. From then on, it was a lot about perfecting the site, making every bit perfect. Thomas Gui was essential in talking me out of some of the other designs that may have otherwise been used.” Gui said, “I think [the website] looks clean and modern; it definitely brings our website into the new decade with some flair.”
Mr. Tay and Mr. Kinney managed the server hardware and coordinated with the district office to get the site up and running. Mr. Kinney, the webmaster, is responsible for almost all of the articles, pictures, and links that are on the site. Mr. Tay worked with the hardware and tested the responsiveness of the website.
After finishing the website last school year, implementation of the website was pushed back until after the summer, placed in a “limbo” as administration negotiated with the Irvine Unified School District about the pros and cons of UHS creating its own website. Chan said, “I was sure the new website was dead. So weeks later when I heard that the school had allocated the resources to have its own website and were in the process of getting it up, I was surprised to say the least.”
On November 18, the website was finally implemented. Sharika Hegde (So.) said, “I really like the new website because the simple design makes the page a lot easier to navigate and the website looks modern, clean and uncluttered.” Winston Lin (Jr.) also said, “There will never be another Michael Chan. His combination skill and Trojan spirit makes meeting him a once in a lifetime thing.”
Chan said, “My hope for the new website? To improve the look of the school while also making a website that is both navigable, appealing to look at and has up-to-date information that applies to students.”
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