Portola can’t hold off University Girls Volleyball

Nima Movahedi, Staff Writer 

GvB Portola
(Photo taken by Brian Lin)

On September 17, 2019, Girls Volleyball defeated Portola High School’s Bulldogs with a close score of 3-2. This was the team’s first League battle, and with a record of 15-10-0 this far, they are playing with momentum.
During the match, many players stood out and showed off their skills.
“I thought I was very consistent… If the opposing team kept digging my hits, I would tip it to places they couldn’t get to and help the team win a point” Senior Lily Krongold said.
Krongold’s defense led the team to close out the first, fourth and fifth match with a win.
However, emerging with a narrow victory, the team looks to learn from their mistakes. 
“The team did good at the first set, but we kept letting them come back… it has become a trend with us,” junior Karla Buitrago-Yepes said.
The team may need to solve this issue in order to achieve their ambitions.
“Our team’s goals for this year are making it to CIFs winning league and hopefully growing as a team throughout the season” junior Kiana Zarghalami said.
Girls volleyball further prepared following this win, later defeating Irvine High School’s Vaqueros with another 3-2 victory later on Thursday, September 19.