Girl’s Tennis Wins First League Game

Staff Writer 

Girls Tennis played Northwood High at their away game  this past Wednesday, September 25th, ending 13-5 and giving them their first win of league.

Considering the fact that Girl’s Tennis has defeated Northwood in every single match since 2016, the victory comes as no surprise for Senior captain Dena Norouzi

“My game [at the Northwood Game] was extremely stressful to start with, but I managed to win and support all the other girls playing their games and together we got the first win of league, all together I’m excited for what the rest of the season has to offer,” Nourouzi said.

Following their victory against Northwood, Girl’s Tennis has continued to impress, also winning their games against Valencia and Westlake at the Point Loma Invitational. The team even ended up going on to become the champions of the entire Invitational, which was comprised of teams from all across Southern California. Also winning their most recent game against Portola with a score of 12-6, Girl’s Tennis hopes to continue the success from last year and go on to win C.I.F.

“We are going to continue the success we have had this season and are very excited for the rest of this year” Nourouzi said.

As the team looks toward the rest of League, they prepare to face the challenges ahead of them in the coming weeks. Girls Tennis has performed exceptionally well so far this season, winning every game in their preseason and holding the title of being currently undefeated. Hoping to continue on from last year 

Girl’s Tennis’ next game, against Woodbridge High School, will take place on Tuesday, October 8th  at their home court.