Girls Volleyball Fought Zealously in Match Against Beckman

Staff Writer
Girls Varsity Volleyball experienced a tough defeat at their game against Beckman on Thursday, September 26.
The starting six for UHS consisted of Lily Krongold, Julia Campos, Victoria Holmes, Samantha Wiedemann, Serena Choi, and Lauren Cho. After calling a timeout, the girls came together and scored their first point against Beckman, making the score 4-1.
The mindset of the girls allowed them to get back up and persevere, despite the minor faults that cost the team the first couple of points scored against them.
“I’m a very competitive person. [As a captain], I’ve become more encouraging. When I make a mistake I just let it go.” Krongold said.
Allowing herself to channel her competitive spirit into encouragement for the girls, she believes, is crucial to her leadership role. 
When asked about the team’s assets from the game, Krongold also said, “The bench was really loud, helping us to continue to push through the game, especially since Beckman is a strong team and they won league last year.”
From beginning to end, the players on the bench stood pridefully as the girls cheered when UHS scored, but more importantly when they got scored on. 
Junior Varsity Sophomore Milena Guidotti said, “I look up to all the Seniors on Varsity. Watching how they play really motivates me.”
Two days prior, Varsity girls were successful in the defeat of Woodbridge, winning 3-2.
Based on the players in the program, Junior Varsity Sophomore Julia Hichri said “It’s definitely our year… We’ve got it.”
Varsity Girls will be playing Irvine High School in the UHS gym on Tuesday, October 8th at 5:15 pm.