Boys Water Polo Come up Short Against Woodbridge


In their match against Woodbridge on October 8, the boy’s water polo team ultimately came up short with a 13-19 score giving them an overall record of 10-7. Despite the loss the team achieved the team’s highest score against Woodbridge in nearly 4 years.
The team worked hard to defend against goals and stayed close to Woodbridge for most of the game.
“Senior Tucker Blum did a really did a good job on defending,” Coach Jesse Briggs said.
Along with the strong defense, the offense was formidable with junior Stewart Campbell leading with 6 goals.
“Stewart is very creative, shoots very well and is a strong asset on our team,” Coach Briggs said.
Despite the result, the team can look positively on the game.
“We played very well as a team… against the best team in our league. They ended up coming out on top, but we stayed with them until the end,” senior Reily Kirkpatrick said.
Despite their stellar performance, there are still some aspects that the team needs improvement.
“[The team] still struggles with playing a certain kind of defense that we need to adjust to,” Coach Briggs said.
With the gam and more than half of the season behind them, the team is looking towards the future with every passing game.
“We are playing better every game, and by the end of the season we will be a well oiled machine,” sophomore Victor Martin said.
Their ambitions for reaching the CIF can be reflected upon the team, “came out with energy, fought well, [and I’m], happy with their performance,” Coach Briggs said.
Through the combined efforts of the strong defense and potent offense, Uni was able to take the title of the second team to score 13 points against Woodbridge in over a year.
With their efforts and improvements, the team can look forward to their home match against Northwood on October 15.