Girls’ Tennis stays undefeated with a win at Beckman

Luke Curtis, Staff Writer 

On October 10th, Girls’ Tennis maintained their undefeated season with a resounding 12-6 victory at Beckman, 
With a 12-0 win streak coming into the match, the girls continued to display their tremendous talent and ability to stay disciplined.
“We are fortunate enough to have great players. It puts us in a great position to win. [Juniors and number one doubles] Mya Wang and Emily Markus continued to roll against Beckman, along with [junior] Therese Garcia,” Coach John Kessler said.
It’s clear that the team’s focus and discipline have been an essential component to the girls’ success all season, and the Beckman matchup was yet another strong showing of their determination.
“The key strategy for the match was just to make sure we stayed aggressive especially at the net. We had to be sure that we wouldn’t let up if we were leading during the match,” Markus said.
Against Beckman, able defense and an ample playing style resulted in strong outings by all players. Consistency was key in their 12 other matches, and was just the same in this match. 
“In most of the doubles matches, we definitely had the rhythm and we maintained our aggressive plays. Our strong defense was a key factor in maintaining our lead. [sophomore] Jane Lee was able to give us the early edge with her two matches,” Markus said.
With the win added to their tremendous record, the girls were able to reflect upon how their trust and team confidence has let them reap victories against competitive schools.
“I feel proud of our undefeated record. It just shows how hard we have worked throughout the season so far. I would say prior to the Campbell Hall match, the majority of us were nervous. As we have continued to compete, and at our Beckman match, we felt more confident with our play,” Wang said.
The growth of confidence within the team is contagious, and the close bonding between the girls’ has grown their trust.
“A key to this season so far has been the confidence and trust our team has. We just need to trust our games and if one of us isn’t having a good day to make sure and support that person. We have so many good players this season. A really important part was the chemistry of our doubles, we have new partners this season, so that is a real benefit,” number one singles senior Cami Brown said.
The girls’ campaign towards CIF has only grown with dominant showings from all players, but improvement is always a necessary ingredient to stay in the mix.
“We need to turn up the competitiveness on our doubles play. We still got to work on our third doubles a little bit and find the right combination. That’s going to make or break whether we win CIF or not. That’s our focus, to shore up our doubles,” Coach Kessler said.
The girls’ journey towards CIF continues at home with a game against Irvine on October 22nd.