UHS’s Midsummer Night’s Dream: a review

Midsummer Night’s Dream, this year’s University High School (UHS) fall play, is a complicated yet highly entertaining story about the hardships of love. The tale takes place in Athens, Greece and follows four Athenians youths: Lysander (Alberto Silva (Sr.)), Hermia (Megan Tran (Sr.)), Demetrius (Harrison Bachman (Sr.)) and Helena (Alexandra Kramer (Sr.)), a mischievous fairy named Puck (Melissa Calica (Sr.)) and the aspiring playwright, Patrice Quince (Megan McCarthy (Jr.)).
This play was very intricate, and the language used in the play was often difficult to understand. However, the actor’s movements and facial expressions helped explain the story with greater clarity.
The UHS Drama Department embraced A Midsummer Night’s Dream and made it their own. For lighting, the set designers used colored umbrellas to produce metallic colored lights, which created a new and unique effect. Black boxes with attached glow in the dark flowers were placed around the stage, and fog helped create mystical effects during forest scenes. The costumes were also well designed and fit the Athenian garb of the 1500s.
Not everything on stage, however, went according to plan. Kramer recalls that on opening night, the velcro of her dress became loose during the fight scene. She responded to this unprecedented issue cleverly, with the fiddling of her dress adding to the humor of the scene.
As with many performances, an important part of the play was fundraising. Ms. Ranae Bettger (Drama Dept.) said that “additional proceedings would go to the musical, where the production costs are near $20,000.”The Drama Department aimed to earn $13,000 from the fall play but fell approximately $1,500 short. They hope to attract large crowds at future fundraising events like the Alumni Comedy Sportz Match on December 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Big Theater and at festival showcases throughout January, February and March.
Overall, Ms. Bettger was satisfied with the results of the fall play. Her favorite part of directing the play was the collaborative process. Bettger had nothing but praise for the actors when she said, “This group of students was a joy to work with. Seldom does a teacher have a more creative cast.” She could not decide on one favorite part, but some of the moments she said she enjoyed were “the storms during the faerie and nymph disputes” and “the Mechanicals bemoaning Bottom’s death.”
The actors brought the show to life with their wonderful acting and quick thinking. The uniqueness of the play really shined through with noteworthy lighting and spectacular actors, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.
The UHS Drama Department did a magnificent job with this play, and anyone who enjoys well-performed and entertaining shows should go to future productions by the UHS Drama Department.
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