Angry Birds 2: a Movie Review


Angry Birds 2 was released on August 13th, 2019 in the United States (Wikipedia).

Angry Birds 2 was released on August 13th, 2019 in the United States (Wikipedia).

Staff Writer
A sequel to Angry Birds the Movie, with characters based on the famous mobile game Angry Birds, the movie Angry Birds 2 was released August 13, 2019.The movie’s budget was $65 million as of September 15, it has grossed $118.6 million. It also has received a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes which is 10% than It 2 did.   Although the movie’s main characters are based on the original game, the plot this time is not an extension of the actual game. Angry Birds 2, unlike the game and Angry Birds the Movie which revolves around two main groups (the birds and the pigs), introduces a third group called the eagles. Although the eagles are also birds, they are considered a different group because they live on a third island, which neither of the previous groups even knew existed.
The movie begins with the results from the initial movie, with Red (the main character) being the hero after saving his island’s eggs from the Pigs who since then have waged a never ending prank war. The battle between the two groups end when they discover Eagle Island and that is is run by a crazy/revenge-thirsty eagle named Zeta. In order to beat Zeta and the eagles, the Pigs and the Birds make  a truce and end their prank war. 
Although meant to be mainly comedic, the movie does go into some of the characters deeper issues. For example, Red, the main character, faces confidence issues throughout the movie as he fears that if the truce with the pigs becomes permanent and his role as the hero ends, he will go back to being worthless and most hated bird on the island. Throughout the movie, he won’t even accept the fact that being the hero is important to him even though it is crucial to his identity. This contributes to a more family friendly movie as it teaches viewers, children in particular, that their self image should not rely on others. That one’s self worth comes from inside, comes from solitude and self reflection. 
After seeing the trailer and having watched the first movie, I wasn’t expecting much. The initial movie was okay and although trailer was funny, I assumed that the trailer was the best the movie was going to get. To my surprise, the movie was able to keep up the crude humor seen in the trailer throughout the entire movie. Goofy things, from weird character traits like a dirt eating hobby, to just plain old classic slipping and falling, show that the movie is meant for a specific age group that tends to be on the younger side.