My Mundane and Pathetic Life

Staff Writer
It’s human nature to adventure. To travel, to discover, to thrill, to be the first, to be the best. For this journey to the unknown we leave some luggage behind. Whether it be our comfort, our family, parts of ourselves, we let it go in hopes of finding that same puzzle piece somewhere else. We constantly lure ourselves to greater things, forgetting each rose along the way. I’m guilty of that same crime. Often I see my life as mundane and pathetic. Every day, just a filter off from being yesterday. To distract myself, I find new people, new games, new toys. I’m not saying that’s wrong, chasing after the sun will help you land among the stars. But, what’s wrong about where you are now. Another word for mundane and pathetic can be familiar and simple. My simple and familiar people and things have stayed with me over time, and can genuinely hug me, comfort me, laugh with me, share with me, and love with me. To accept me when not the world nor myself could. That’s why I cannot help but love my simple and familiar, my mundane and pathetic life. I cannot not love them back.