Cross Country Runners Race to the End of a Successful Season

Staff Writer 
Girls and Boys runners said their goodbyes to the Cross Country season after their competitive races in the Pacific Coast League Finals at Mason Regional Park on Thursday, November 7th.
Girl’s Captains and Varsity runners Junior Collette Lowengrub and Senior Avery Klauke placed second and seventh respectively, also qualifying for C.I.F..
“Collette and Avery finished their season really well” Senior Boy’s Captain Raja Batra said. “Cross Country was some of the best experiences I had in high school and where I made most of my friends. At the end of this race, I was disappointed and wished I could restart this season but looking back it wouldn’t be worth it because of all the experiences I had with my friends and team.
The Boy’s Varsity team had a great race, likewise, as both Varsity teams placed fourth overall. Batra placed 10th with a time of 15:39.3 and Junior Dylan Muniz placed 19th, coming in at 16:12.03.
“The last meet of the season was really fun, [and] even though we didn’t get to go to C.I.F., it was great to race with my friends one last time this year” Varsity runner and Junior Yasseen Sattar said.
Both Junior Michael Blinstrub and Sattar agreed that Batra – their captain and friend – allowed them to grow through the adversity of this season.
“He really wanted me to push my life to be better and just work hard in general” Blinstrub said.
“I’d give a shout-out to Raja for racing really well and for leading us through it” Sattar added.
When asked to express their thoughts about the end of their cross country season, many runners had mixed emotions as they began to reminisce.
“Our last meet went really well and everyone was so encouraging. It was such a bittersweet moment because I have a lot of senior friends and it sad thinking realizing that it was the last time I was going to run with them” Junior Vani Tankha said.
“My favorite memory from this season is definitely when our varsity team traveled to the Clovis Invitational” said Junior Sydney Field. “Not only was it fun to race at such a well known course, but it was also a really great bonding experience for the team”. “I am both sad and excited for the end of the season. It’s really strange that it’s over. I keep thinking that next year I’ll be coming back to run, but I’m super excited to start the next chapter of my life” Senior Girl’s Captain Serendy Alarcon said. Conveying her gratitude to the coaches, she added, “Thank you to Coach Mosey and Coach Davies for getting me through cross country the past four years.”