Boy’s Basketball Defeats Northwood in First League Game

Staff Writer 
Varsity Boy’s Basketball won their first League game by 8 points against Northwood’s Timberwolves, ending the fourth quarter of the away-game with a final score of 76-68. 
When asked about the win, first-year Coach Beau Budde said:
 “It’s been almost 7 years since we beat Northwood, so it was a big deal for the program. The kids really put in a lot of work this summer, fall, and winter. I told them before the game that this is a new chapter for the program and this game is an opportunity to redefine who we are.”
The team has been dealing with numerous player injuries leading into the start of season. Dropping an early 9 points on Northwood, Senior forward Sam Aryan was taken out after breaking his foot in the first quarter. Senior forward Will Stenta sprained his ankle at the end of the fourth quarter and hopes to be back for Thursday’s game against Woodbridge. Junior point guard Justin Hashemi fractured his wrist in the CDM tournament. Junior shooting guard Kody Uyesugi was injured through the end of  preseason and is now recovered. 
After recent return, Uyesugi dropped 23 points and Senior point guard Arjun Gill led the team with 28 points.
“The team made a lot of really good plays and we were playing with a lot of intensity. I think the whole team stepped up, I was really proud of how some of the new guys stepped and really wanted to win” Gill said.
Unwilling to let adversity hinder them, the players coming off the bench played a key role in keeping the pace for the win. 
Senior small forward Collin Moore said, “We played really well as a team. We played great defense and were successful in stopping some of their better players. Carson hit a lot of 3’s and Kody did too.”
Sophomore shooting guard Carson Baxter hit four 3-pointers for a cumulative 12 points. “It was a lot of fun to play in the first league game and it was awesome to see that a lot of uni students showed up to support even though it was an away game,” Baxter said.
“I’m hoping we keep this momentum going and win our next game” Gill said. 
Varsity boys basketball’s second game is away against Portola High School at 7:00pm on Tuesday, January 14th.