Girls Soccer Wins First League Game

Arush Mehrotra, Staff Writer 

Girls Soccer won against Northwood 3-2 in their first league game. After a rough start to the season, the victory marks their fourth game undefeated. It is also an important step on their quest to become the champions of the league, especially given Northwood’s success in recent years.
“The Northwood game was a really great start to the season,” senior captain and defender Deborah Lee said. “We haven’t able to beat Northwood for the past few years so this win was particularly special to us.”
The team feels they played well on both ends of the field.
“We took advantage of opportunities offensively and stayed compact defensively,” senior captain and goalie Katherine Billiter said. “As a team, we were able to communicate and connect really well.”
The victory leads the team feeling good about their upcoming games, and their overall prospects this season.
“If we continue to play with the same intensity as we did in the Northwood game, I believe the other teams will have a difficult time stopping us,” senior captain and defender Tamara Nadjsombati said
Though the team had contributions from all over the field, a few players stood out in their victory.
“I think Tamara Nadjsombati did really well defending our opponent’s forwards, who were very talented and their strongest players,” Lee said. “I also think [junior forward] Kaili Taggepera played very well; she scored our first goal in the first few minutes of the game and consequently improved our momentum for the rest of the game.”
The team looks to carry their success and momentum into their upcoming games.
“We started super strong that game and scored in the first 5 minutes. It was a pretty good game for us, and we were able to hold almost all game until we conceded a goal in the last ten minutes, but fortunately, we were still able to pull through with a win for our first league game. I am hoping we can perform like that again and get good results as we continue with this season.” junior captain Mollie Kessler said.
Girls Soccer faces off against Woodbridge on January 16th.