Boys Soccer Wins their Second League Match of the Season

Nima Movahedi, Staff Writer 

Boys soccer won their second league match 3-2 against Irvine High School, extending their winning streak to five games and putting them in first place in league. 
During the GOW, though the team was able to come out victorious, it was not their best performance,  with a lot of uncertainty in the outcome. 
“[We] need to be organized  in our defending,communicating with each other and helping out the younger players to be in the right places,” senior midfielder Neil Hudson said.
Although the team struggled defensively and could have been better in possession, Hudson highlighted the significance of winning this match.
“Winning against Irvine was definitely important for us because it set us on track to keep scoring, and hopefully we will improve our defending” Hudson said. 
Hudson was able to contribute massively to the team’s victory, with the game winning goal off a free kick. The match took off quickly when the team went on top within a few minutes.
“We got off to a great start with [senior midfielder and captain] Adam Bello’s goal in the first minute. We did not play our best, but our talent and hard work got us the win,” senior defender and captain Kyle Biagan said. 
Part of the team’s success this season comes from the ability to get contributions from all over the field.
“I was excited to score, especially in front of a big crowd. Obviously the goal is important but everyone made contributions whether it was reflected in the score or not,” Bello said. 
However, despite winning league game, Bello feels there is room from improvement to win without such close matches. After his goal, Irvine rebounded, making the score 2-1 before half time. 
“We just need to take advantage of our opportunities. We had countless shots near the end of the second half that should have ended the game but did not,”Bello said. 
On a similar mindset, other teammates agree that they need to better capitalize on their opportunities to play more aggressively and get more goals. 
“We need to be clinical in front of goal. We get so many shots off, but we need more in the back of the net,” Biagan said, who would go on to also say how the team would need to also focus on more coordinated movements, instead of individual plays. 
With their 10-3-1 regular season and 2-0 league record, boys soccer looks to continue their momentum against Woodbridge on Thursday.