Boys Basketball Falls Short in Game Against Northwood

Staff Writer 
Boy’s  Basketball took a tough loss in their second game against Northwood High School with a final score of 53-76 at their home game on Friday, January 24th. 
“I told the boys before, with losses, those are moments for us to reflect and learn, and to get better. Even though losses aren’t fun, as a coach and as players it’s the best time to address the areas that we’re not performing well,” Coach Beau Budde said. 
Several of the players mentioned their lack of success defensively as they had trouble boxing out with rebounds and guarding Northwoods key shooters.
 “The team really fell short on defense this game. A few of their guys had 20 points each which could’ve been avoided if we adjusted to cover them” Senior Sam Aryan said. 
Aryan was injured with a fractured foot in an early game this season. He is still working through the recovery process and was unable to come back to help the team out.
“This was a tough game for us. We could’ve done a better job of sticking to the game plan and implementing what we’ve been practicing this season. I’m proud of the team overall for their hard work and tenacity” said Senior Kody Uyesugi
Despite being down several points, the team did not stop working. They hustled through the end of the game and ultimately just couldn’t make their shots. 
“We shot a lot but nothing seemed to make. This happens and at the end of the day it was A learning experience. There was a lot we could have fixed: locking down on defense and taking smarter shots, but we’re ready for our upcoming game. All we can really do is fix our mistakes for a better outcome.” Senior Will Stenta said. 
The Trojans won their home game against the Irvine Vaqueros at home Friday, January 31st with a score of 70-52.