Girl’s Water Polo Season Comes to a Close

Staff Writer
Girl’s water polo’s successful season came to an end after a 10-16  loss in the first round against Glendora. However, with an overall 14-11 record, and CIF qualification, the team was satisfied with their season, and how they have grown as a team.
It’s great that we ended the season with more wins than losses and I think the girls can appreciate that as well. The team has come a long way from when they first started out at the beginning of the season,” Coach Briggs said.
Both teams scored freely throughout the game, with the Trojans putting up one of their highest scores of the season. However, it was not enough to keep up with Glendora’s potent attack.
“It was a rough game, but it was really fun to be out there with the girls for the last time. We worked as a team and had some fun together. We didn’t win, but I’m definitely excited to see where the team goes next year without us seniors,” Senior Driver Ysabel Mariana said.
With their success this season, the team is hopeful for their future.
“The girls were great this season. It’s sad to see some of them leave, but I’m sure that they won’t be worried about next year’s roster since players from this year will be staying,” Coach Jesse Briggs said.
Even with the seniors leaving the team, the JV players have grown enough to be able to become anchors for next year.
“I think the JV players are really showing that they’ve grown as players and are improving in shooting and passing and other skills,” Mariana said.