UHS participates in district-wide Hunger Games Food Drive

The Hunger Games Food Drive, which goes from December 2 to December 13, is a fundraising competition between not only the fifth period homerooms but also between the four high schools in the Irvine Unified School District. Last year, University High School won first in the district for collecting the highest number of cans. Cans can be dropped off in fifth period classrooms, and the winning homeroom will be treated to an Olive Garden lunch as well as be rewarded with a trophy.
Cans are given to Families Forward, a nonprofit organization which assists families in financial crises by providing them with the resources to become self-sufficient. Most of those who rely on Families Forward are single mothers who do not receive child support and must thus act as the primary financial and care provider. It is important to remember that there are families in Irvine that need assistance. A 2010 survey found that approximately 9.1% of Irvine residents live below the poverty line, so don’t forget to bring in your donations to help members of our very own community who are less fortunate than you are!
Staff Writer