Guide to Sophomore Year

Luke Curtis, Section Editor

Sophomore Year: Wise Fools

Ah, the wise fools (or sophomore), or so they say with the Greek translation. You’re one step into University High School, you know your way around the place, feel comfortable with some solid friends, joined some clubs, and had a good first year experience with your previous teachers. However, this is where it starts to count – your grades from here will help you determine your college possibilities. But do not fear, it is still a fun ride, and as long as you continue planning and getting involved, things will turn out just fine. Sophomore year specifically brings along an exciting new challenge. Your first [possible] Advanced Placement course comes in the form of AP United States History, slangified: APUSH. The workload can be difficult, but the discussions are incredible, and the content comes alive with the amount of knowledge the two teachers have. It is one of the more difficult AP courses UNI has to offer, but is worth taking. However if you’re not able to take AP United States History, there are many other course options. Courses such as Introduction to Automotives, Physical Education Course 2, Intermediate Ceramics, Graphic Design, and Video Production all become available within year two at UNI. Sophomore year also usually marks the completion of your requirement for two years of athletics – after your second full season in a sport, you may opt to choose to continue in athletics or focus on other pursuits. Oftentimes, students use sophomore year as the jumping point for their dive into the opportunities UNI has to offer. For some, freshman year is a slow acclimation to the environment, and then sophomore year is a jump in once they are comfortable with the setting and are unafraid. It is the final training ground before entering the exciting mess of junior year. Thus, keep your good habits up and continue to capitalize on the opportunities given to you.