Believe, this Christmas Eve: a poem


Toys for Tots
Illustrated by EMILY MIYAOKA

She said “I don’t believe,”
and the crowd gasped in horror.
How could they fix this?
They couldn’t believe for her.

“He can’t be real,
it wouldn’t be fair.”
Skepticism this strong
 in a child, so rare.

What’s not fair?
No one knew what she meant.
“How come under my tree
there’s never a present?”

“Santa never comes.”
Her eyes began to tear.
All the little girl needed
was for someone to care. 

Grab a box, place a bow
in the holiday spirit.
Doesn’t have to be big
or twenty-four carat.

Just a token is all
for the little girl to believe,
for her to be excited
this Christmas Eve.

Contributing Writer