Dylan Muniz: November Athlete of the Month


Kylash Chettiar, Staff Writer 

November’s Athlete of the month is senior track and field athlete Dylan Muniz. His normal events are the mile run or 800-meter run.
Dylan runs the 800-meter race, and his mile time is four minutes and thirty-five seconds, and his 5K time is sixteen minutes and forty-five seconds, and his 3-mile running time is sixteen minutes and twelve seconds. 
“I started running track during my freshman year, and I love how it is an individual sport so [the player] determines [his or her] success,” Muniz said.
He was planning to finish the 2020 season strong; however, the pandemic started, which didn’t allow his team to finish the season even though they were expecting a great season. 
 “COVID, unfortunately, took out our track season last year, and [our track team] was expecting a great season from it so it was really unfortunate,” Muniz said.
Even though the sports season was abruptly cut short, Muniz trusts the process and works to improve next season.
“With the free time from quarantine, I’ve just been working harder at the sport and preparing to take on the next season,” Muniz said. 
His hard work does not go unnoticed by his teammates as they look at him for inspiration to work harder and a source of fun.
“Dylan’s a really hard worker, and he’s always pushing himself to the max during workouts and races. He encourages everyone to do their best and have fun.”, senior Colette Lowengrub said.
His hard work has been noticed by his teammates, which shows his dedication. 
“Dylan always does the best he can and he’s all about improving and training his hardest and encouraging his teammates to work hard,” Lowengrub said.
In addition to working incredibly hard, he has also set an example for younger runners. 
“Dylan is a good teammate that teaches me how to train in order to be successful. He pushes me during the runs so that I can do better and get faster,” sophomore Ansh Parashar said.
Dylan wants to improve his consistency and the ability to stay on top of a daily training schedule he plans on running in whichever college he goes to. 
“I’m hoping to continue my running career in college. I could totally see myself commuting to this sport and reaching my maximum potential”, said Muniz.         

Photo Courtesy of UHS ASB